Musicians Praise Sound Off

Stephen Bett is in the process of soliciting quotes for book promotional purposes and/or back cover blurbs for his book of poems, Sound Off: a book of jazz. So far, 18 well known musicians have responded to a request to offer comments concerning the poems written about their work:

Using poetry to describe music seems like such a cool concept -the two are so connected.

—Mike Stern

I’m honored to be part in some strange ways of your poem collection!

—Ada Rovatti

Jazz and Poetry, extracting the essence of my shapes, sounds and colors, voiced into a rhythmic motion. What a great honor.”

—Marc Mommaas

I’m honored that you have written a poem inspired by my music. Really…And I like your words a lot…thank you so much!

—Jakob Bro

Your poem moved me; thank you for that. You have a good ear.. good luck with your book!

—Omer Klein

The poem has a real nice flow and I’m honored that my music inspired it! All best and I wish you lots of success with your book.

—Brad Mehldau

I’m flattered and honoured to be included in so eclectic and creative a book, especially one in part devoted to one of my favorite (and often under-appreciated) subjects - Jazz!

—D.D. Jackson

i am touched by your words and feel honored to be included in your book!

—Anat Fort

we appreciate you including Burnt Sugar in your upcoming release. wishing you all the best,

—Greg & Jared
Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber

Thanks so much for your interest and enthusiasm for the band! We’re definitely very flattered.

—the Bad Plus

Thank you for listening. Thank you for writing.

—Ketil Bjørnstad

Thanks so much for sending me the information about Sound Off. I’m flattered you saw fit to include me. Best of luck with the book!

(Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society)

I’m extremely honored to have been a subject for one of your poems.

—Cuong Vu

What an honor to read and, indeed, feel this response to my music. It inspires me to make some more!

—Stephan Crump

thank you for your mail. We need poetry, we need poets. I like to find poetry everywhere and Poets are the only one reference to me in every kind of expressive channels (literature, music, painting, dance or whatever). So, thank you again to share with me your poem and to spend some times into my music. Please let me know when the book will be issued.

—Stefano Battaglia

Thanks so much for including us in your book. So glad that it is coming out soon. We would love a copy when it is out. Thanks again for including us.

—Samantha (Reptet)

I am ‘taking turn’ to thank you between ‘easy dates’ not always so easy, happy that my music found a resonance in your poetry. With my best wishes for the success of your book.

—Jean Luc Ponty

I wish you all the best with your project and continued inspiration that you can put words to.

—Charles Lloyd