Lift Off

Stephen Bett 3

a book of future tense

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"Reading through these poems I felt transported."

-Sebastian Frye

"Very taken with [Lift Off], finding it emotionally resonant and surprising."

~ Sarah Ang

"Lift Off is a smart book, with some lovely moments in it."

~ Jeramy Dodds

"I do like the minimalist style of Lift Off, and there are ironies and wonderful plays on language here that make the work sing in a fascinating way. [The] perspective is different, and unique."

~ Marty Gervais

"Lift Off: a journey of future tense is at once both edgy and subtle in its form. The themes covered in Lift Off are inspirational and captivating.... A successful and talented poet."

~ Barry Dempster

"Impressive. A voice that rings in volumes and makes a clear cut in the so-called 'nylon curtain' dividing [Canada] from [the U.S.].... pretty amazing no matter which way you look at it."

- Kevin Killian,
author of the biography on Jack Spicer