High Design Refit

From a mock-play-by-play of a roadside brawl, complete with an unnervingly detailed view of the streetscape, to a casual yet thorough consideration of the possibilities of snowboarder porn-wear, Stephen Bett’s High Design Refit takes a straight-edge to the oddities of contemporary life, both reveling in and tearing to bits the inanity of the everyday.

Bett is ā€œnoted for his experimental language poems and his quirky takes on ‘postmodern’ life…. He happily gores contemporary jargon and pretension… [in] those jazzy riffs on contemporary life that I have been citing with considerable pleasureā€ (Journal of Canadian Poetry).

High Design Refit is a scathing and hilarious romp through the frivolous horrors of actually paying attention to what’s going on around us.

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