Back Principles

Back Principles FLAT COVER.jpg

a book of spiritual fatigue


“Back Principles is really good. Well played and sung. Some amazingly acrobatic moves, and from such heights to such depths. The book deserves recognition.”

- Michael Kenyon

“There are many lovely lyric flourishes in these poems, the lines shapely and musical in their spareness, filled with clear thought…. The book has a hypnotic effect, using repetition and syntax as a kind of seduction.”

- Barry Dempster

Back Principles is an impressive collection. The short lines and plain style work remarkably well in support of the subject.”

- Allan Briesmaster

“These poems have some shining moments.”

~ Ron Hatch

“Its cumulative effect on the reader is striking and effectual, haunting, yet accessible.”

~ Alana Wilcox

“A lot of enthusiasm for Bett’s [minimalist] use of short lines, and the rhythm of his line breaks, as well as the mixture of wordplay and spiritual questing.”

- NeWest